Bill Ballas - Mandolin and vocals. Considered one of the finest singers and mandolin players in the Portland area ... according to the chickens that he plays for. (see photo) A picker, a singer, a computer nerd, a guy who can order snobby beer in 3 different languages.
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Eric DiIIio - Banjo and vocals. Yep, he plays those traditional banjo licks you've heard before but have you ever heard a BB King song on the banjo? How wonderful that he counsels others through emotional turmoil during the day. It makes the fact that he plays the banjo less demeaning.
Scott Jones - Guitar and vocals. Traditional bluegrass, old folks songs, Beatles, Queen, Grateful Dead, does this guy remember the words to about 4 million songs? They're tattooed somewhere on his body. Along with "War And Peace" and the "Library of Congress" although no one in the band wants to look.
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Corky Coreson - Harmonica, guitar and vocals. A radio and TV voice over artist by day, you've probably changed channels to the sound of Corky's voice a thousand times. That he plays music at all is remarkable considering that people his age are usually either deaf or dead.
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Jim McMartin - Bass guitar.
Lets just hit the high points:
Jim has experience. Lots and lots and lots of experience.
Jim is tall.
We don't let him sing.